Why should I desex my Pet?
There are many benefits to the early desexing of your pet.
  • There is reduced risk of injury as a result of wandering onto roads and of fights
  • As a desexed pet is more amenable to training, it is less likely to urinate in the house and will be less aggressive, he or she will more likely become a much loved member of the family.
  • There is reduced risk of disease. For instance, female dogs desexed before their first season have virtually zero risk of breast cancer and desexed male dogs have no risk of testicular cancer. They also have greatly reduced risk of prostate cancer and other diseases.
What does desexing involve for my pet?
At Allambie Vet Clinic, desexing includes:
  • The use of the safest anaesthetic agents, careful monitoring by a surgical nurse including monitoring of blood oxygen levels.
  • A separate sterile pack of instruments and surgical materials for each pet which reduces the risk of infection
  • The use of a range of pain relieving medication so that your pet is back to his or her old self as soon as possible
  • Surgery in a dedicated, sterile surgical theatre

We recommend desexing at 5 1/2 - 6 months of age.

Common myths associated with desexing
There are many myths about desexing your pets, but in reality, there are no negatives to the process. Your desexed pet will not:

  • Become fat and lazy. Just as with humans, this can only occur for your pet from an improper diet and/or a lack of exercise.
  • Lose their personality. Your pet is likely to be calmer after the operation, but other than that, they will be exactly the same.
  • Experience ongoing pain for weeks after the operation. Of course the area operated on will be tender, but only for a few days. We will provide you with all the important after care information when you collect your pet after the surgery.
  • Feel like less of a "male" or a "female" after the operation. Your pet will not suffer a blow to his or her ego as a result of the surgery. They won't even be aware it happened after a few days!
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