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‘Felix’ had a pretty rough end to 2009. We saw ‘Felix’ on New Years Eve. When he came in to see us he was in quite a state. He was quiet, grumpy, and sore all over. When we checked him over it was clear that he had either been hit by a car or been beaten up by a bigger, tougher opponent.

On examination his nails were all broken, he had nasty wounds to his left shoulder and wasn’t able to use his left front leg. He also had a high temperature and scratches over his back.

We kept him in and took some screening xrays to check for internal damage and also ran a screening blood and urine test.

Luckily for ‘Felix’, the xrays taken showed his chest and abdomen to be normal. He had no broken bones and the damage to the left front leg all appeared to relatively superficial. His blood and urine test were normal apart from showing high glucose levels. Very stressed cats can have very high blood glucose levels, and can even transiently have glucose in the urine. However, high blood glucose can also be secondary to diabetes. We decided to treat his wounds and once he had recovered we would assess him more thoroughly for diabetes. Interestingly, his owners had noticed he has been drinking more than normal in the weeks preceeding New Years Eve, which can be one of the clinical signs of diabetes.

‘Felix’ stayed with us over the New Year period and gradually recovered from his injuries. We saw him again on the 4th of January and ran a specific blood test for diabetes. This confirmed our suspicions. We started treating ‘Felix’ last week with insulin and a change of diet. Currently there is good evidence to suggest the best way to treat diabetic cats is to give them a prescription diet high in protein and low in carbohydrate. Vets have also been having great success in treating feline diabetes with a human derived insulin. Cats mostly have Type 2, non-insulin dependant diabetes, meaning that in some cases the disease can go into remission. We are hoping this will be the case with ‘Felix’.

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