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Cushing's and Age
Ralph Head
“Ralph” Head is a long term friend of Allambie Vet, having first come here at the tender age of 8 weeks! These days he is not far off 13 years old, and as you can see in the picture, still retains plenty of charm when he comes to visit. Ralph’s sensitive skin has made him a regular visitor at Allambie Vet for most of his life. While we love seeing Ralph, unfortunately he has spent more time with us lately than what we would hope. Last year was a turbulent year for Ralph, having been diagnosed with Cushing’s disease and developing mild neurological signs which we suspect may be the early signs of a brain tumour. Although there is uncertainty about his underlying condition and long term outlook, so far he has come nearly 1 year from the time his symptoms were noticed. He is showing some signs of slowing down, but for time being, life is good. We are hopeful and optimistic we can keep seeing him coming in to beg for his liver treats!
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