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Living with Diabetes

Meet Tigger. Tigger is a cheeky 11 year old Australian Terrier. Tigger has been a regular visitor to Allambie Vet clinic since August 2010 when he was diagnosed with Diabetes Mellitus. Tigger is a very well loved member of the family however his unsavoury breath has been stretching the friendship for some time. Diabetes is a disease that effects the whole body. Tigger has already had surgery to treat cataracts in his eyes caused by his diabetes. This week he underwent a general anaesthetic to deal with his dental disease. Animals with diabetes have a higher risk of developing dental disease as they are less able to fight off infections. More importantly for Tigger, having dental disease can effect hormonal systems causing his diabetes to be more difficult to control. Tiggers dental disease as severe and he needed to have 16 teeth removed. Despite this, Tigger recovered extremely well and was eating dry food 3 hours after his dental.  Three days on he's eating better than ever. His diabetes will be now monitored closely over the next few months. He'll more than likely require lless insulin resulting in a more stable condition overall.

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