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One of the most stressful events people can experience is moving house. Things can be made a little less stressful however for both you and your pets if you have your beloved furry, finned and feathered ones organized and out of trouble. Its amazing how much mischief our for legged friends can get into when the house has been turned upside down! Simple things like leaving the gate open while packing the truck can be a disaster for the curious canine explorer, whereas the mere sight of a packing box can send some anxious creatures into a complete flap. Other cheeky monkeys will take the opportunity to chew potentially dangerous objects destined for the packing box that are normally stored safely out of reach. Some people find it easier to board their pets for the couple of days it might take to move and settle into the new house.

Securing the yard of your new home must be a priority when transporting dogs and it is always a good idea to keep cats locked inside for several weeks while they become accustomed to their new abode. It is also important to keep your pets’ records up to date and that means changing their microchip details so in the event of a rogue escapee, they can be traced back to you at your new location. Also, pets may feel more comfortable in their new accommodation if they retain some of their old bedding. At least then, in a world of unfamiliarity, they can take comfort and feel secure in their designated and familiar bed. It takes several days to weeks for both people and pets to adjust to the sounds and smells of a new house but with a little caution and organization in advance, the transition will be as smooth as possible for your pets, and before long your dog will be dragging you behind the lead to discover what the new neighbourhood has to offer.

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