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Maizie and her Wonder Bone!
After the bone was removed
Maizie is 6 month old black labrador retriever. She arrived last week for her desexing proceedure. Her owner asked if we could check her teeth while she was under general anaesthetic as she was noted to have bad breath for the last couple of days. Maizie is a beautiful well natured dog. She was bright and energetic on examination, and externally her teeth looked normal. It wasn't until opening her mouth and smelt her putrid breath that we knew something was wrong. Maize had a stick wedged across the hard palate of her mouth. It must have been there for quite a few days as the palate was deeply eroded, and there was a large amount of pus collected in her mouth. It's not rare for dogs to get bones or sticks stuck in their mouth. In most cases they will paw at their mouth, salivate or have difficulty chewing. This photo shows Maizie after the bone was removed and the area had been cleaned. It healed very quickly and she is still bright and energetic.

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