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Kimba snuggled into the nice warm clothes with the comforting smell of her owner for her afternoon snooze. Suddenly she was woken by the splash of cold water on her face as the world began to spin around her.

Kimba, being a gorgeous 4-month-old Persian kitten, was not a fan of baths at the best of times so this was a very rude shock. What she had thought was an ideal spot for a catnap was in fact her owners frontload washing machine. Kimba whirled around with soapy water for 20 minutes until the cycle finally stopped and her shocked owners discovered her fate. Devastated by what had occurred they rushed Kimba to the vet clinic in a critical state.

She was suffering from shock and hypothermia (a very low body temperature). Her fur was matted against her body with foamy suds and she was almost unrecognizable. Kimba had bumps and scrapes over her head and body, her eyes were inflamed and she could not see. Despite her condition she managed to lift her head and let out a weak croaky meow…

A heat pad, warmed fluids and drying were commenced until her body temperature slowly returned too normal. Kimbas eyes were flushed repeatedly with saline to flush away any soap. A special stain was applied to her eyes and indicated that her corneas (the surface of the eyes) were ulcerated. We were concerned that Kimba may have inhaled some of the water from the washing machine. Eye ointments, anti inflammatories and antibiotics were started immediately.


Kimba slowly recovered from her traumatic experience. A soft cough developed but resolved with antibiotics. It took several weeks of lubricants before her eyes healed completely but generally she made a miraculous recovery.

All the staff and her family were amazed that such a small creature could survive such an ordeal but it just goes to show that cats really do have nine lives.

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