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Weight Loss

Svelte Sally

Check out the very svelte Sally!  Sally is a 6-year-old Labrador, who faced weigh in last week at annual vaccination time and we were very pleased with what the scales had to say.  After a year of hard work, Sally's weight dropped from 35 kg to 25 kg, a total loss of 10 kg or 29 % of her bodyweight.   She achieved this amazing result through her owners’ disciplined approach to her diet which included substitution of some of her low fat biscuits with a lot of low starch vegetables which satisfy her hunger.  It is of great importance to Sally’s long term health especially as her breed is very prone to arthritis.  Her owners are to be congratulated as it has not been easy. They are a fabulous example as we know it can sometimes feel impossible to get our beloved pooches to lose some weight. Well done!

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