Pet Health Information
Your Pet's Health is why we are in business. At Allambie Vet Clinic, we strive to maintain the highest standards in the treatment of your pets, whether they come in for a routine vaccination, or need major diagnostic surgery. Our information for your pet's health, other than consultations in the clinic itself, comes in many different forms. At present, we are focusing on the following;
  • Regular Articles on this Website, including recent case studies
  • Pet Insurance Information
Pet Articles and Case Studies
Allambie Vet Clinic coninually writes articles on pet health issues and various case studies we see at the clinic as it is a great way to keep the pet community informed of interesting cases, common pet issues (health and otherwise!), behavioural quirks and so much more. We keep the most requested on file here for you to peruse at your leisure.

Pet Insurance Information
Sudden accidents, illnesses and surgeries for your pets can sometimes be quite financially unexpected. Having a good pet health insurance cover can relieve the financial burden in these cases, and ensure your pet is offered the very best in diagnostic and surgical treatment, without affecting your hip pocket quite so much. Whilst Allambie Vet Clinic cannot recommend one insurance cover over another, we do highly recommend that you take out an insurance cover that will suit both your budget, and your pets needs.

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