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Whilst Allambie Vet does not offer grooming, day care or boarding services, we can recommend some places you can take your pets to help with any of these services.

Grooming and Day Care:

  • Scooby Dooz
    (02) 9939 8899
    47 Winbourne Avenue, Brookvale
    Doggy Day Care & Grooming Salon
  • Hanrob
    Hanrob is located in Heathcote in southern Sydney. Pick up and delivery of your dog or cat is available from Allambie Vet Clinic for your convenience.
  • 1300 426 762

We are lucky that there is so much wildlife around where we live, but unfortunately, not all wildlife and humans co exist peacefully. Here are some organisations that can help you with found or injured wildlife:

Phone: (02) 8977 3333

Sydney Metropolitan Wildlife Service:
Phone: (02) 9413 4300

Taronga Zoo:
Phone: (02) 9969 2777

What to do if you come across injured wildlife?
If you come across injured wildlife, always approach slowly. If you are unsure, contact a Wildlife agency such as WIRES or the Sydney Metropolitan Wildlife Service for advice. Wrap them up in a towel as it makes them feel more secure, and take them to your nearest vet ASAP for treatment. Remember to try to keep stress to the injured animal to a minimum, as stress can actually be the factor that can cause the wildlife to die.

If you come into contact with a snake, DO NOT APPROACH. Keep an eye on it and call a snake handler to come and remove it. Contact Sydney Metropolitan Wildlife Service (9413 4300) and they will guide to the appropriate service in your area.

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