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Pet Insurance
A recent article published in a vet industry magazine, ‘The Veterinarian’, discussed the growing importance of pet insurance, and at Allambie, we believe that insuring your pets has many benefits. Considering the recent advances in veterinary treatment, almost anything that can be done for humans can also be done for your pet, which means increasingly intensive and complex procedures are often required. We don’t tend to think about the consequences of our beloved pet becoming seriously ill, although it is definitely worth the time and effort considering the many benefits both you and your pet would receive.

Benefits of Pet Insurance:

  • Avoid those unplanned expenses
  • Help with your family budgeting
  • Have the option to look at all treatment options and not be restricted by costs
  • Peace of mind

Pet insurance allows vets to provide you with the very best treatment options that are available to you when and if your pet becomes ill. Vets are well aware that cost is often a major consideration faced by owners whose pets require unexpected veterinary treatments. Often, due to costs of surgery or ongoing treatment, many people would not have the option of giving their pets the treatment they would like to – insurance takes away all the financial worries out of the picture and leaves you with only one concern – getting your pet better!

Although we are not able to suggest particular insurance companies or discuss specific questions relating to insurance due to legal reasons, we are able to provide you with a comparison information sheet. This comparison outlines the basic information for you to initially consider that will help you determine the pros and cons of specific insurance companies.

Pet insurance ensures you peace of mind by allowing you to provide your pet with the very best option available to them, as you would if you or your family members were ill. It’s comforting to know that we are now able to open the doors to include your family pet and allow them the same special treatment as us ‘human’ counterparts currently enjoy. In doing so, this enables us to better practise our philosophy at Allambie – treating your pets as part of the family!

We highly recommend you consider insuring your pet and we will be happy to provide you with a comparison sheet for you to review.

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